Forensic & Clinical Services

I offer a comprehensive set of services for an array of clientele. Whether you are an attorney seeking a forensic expert, a prospective patient needing therapy or a church or other organization needing a child protection policy, I can help.

Forensic Services

Forensic evaluations can be helpful whenever there is a potential interaction between the legal and mental health systems. Forensic assessments I provide:

  • Competence/fitness to stand trial, plead, be sentenced or executed
  • Criminal responsibility (insanity defenses)
  • Probation/parole
  • Personal (psychological) injuries
  • Workman’s compensation
  • Psychological disability
  • Independent Psychological Evaluations
  • Firearm Owner’s Identification Card (FOID) appeals (Illinois)
  • Risk of future violence
  • Determination of whether a mental illness played a role in a legal matter
  • Attorney consultation
  • Other psychological/legal & court ordered evaluations

I take a thorough, ethical and unbiased approach to legal questions, advising clients honestly about what can and cannot be accomplished. I strive to provide easy-to-understand information to attorneys, judges and juries.

Clinical Services

In my clinical practice, I provide a range of services:

  • Counseling/therapy
  • Diagnostic assessments
  • Clinical consultations
  • Psychological testing
  • Professional supervision

My counseling approach avoids superficial, symptom-management based approaches, instead focusing on the deeply entrenched roots of psychological problems rather than the outward manifestations of them.

I specialize in complex and confusing cases, including suspected feigning/malingering and can assist in establishing or clarifying diagnoses. I am a certified treatment provider for personality disorders.

I am proud to offer counseling, assessment and consultations to veterans, first responders, front-line workers and other service providers.

I am available for one-time consultations or ongoing work and offer both in-person and telehealth options.

I am licensed to provide teletherapy to patients in states who participate in the PsyPact. Click here to find participating states.


In a time of growing uncertainty, churches and other organizations often need to develop policies and practices that maximize child, member, staff and public safety.

I bring expertise from psychological and forensic training, extensive work with criminals and the legal system, education and teaching, as well as organizational dynamics and functions.

Using these skills, I advise leadership teams and/or assist in creating or revising policies and practices that will install safeguards against predators and maximize accountability and safety for your staff.

I conduct presentations, workshops and seminars to mental health, legal and other professional groups on a range of topics. Contact me for availability and rates.

What questions can I help you answer?

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