Mental Illness in the Legal System

Deinstitutionalization failed to deliver on promises to free the mentally ill from needless hospitalization. The lack of adequate planning, funding and availability of community resources led to many outgoing patients becoming homeless and/or incarcerated. Over time, the mentally ill have been interacting with the legal system at all levels at increasing rates. This has created strains on the legal system and poor outcomes for the mentally ill.

Mentally Paralyzing the Generations

Years of misunderstanding and over-diagnosing mental illness has led to many taking psychiatric medications they don’t need. The result has been children, adolescents and adults failing to learn appropriate coping and problem solving skills to manage life after medicating away normal emotions.

Psychology, Faith & Child Predators

Attending a gathering with fellow religious faithfuls is most often a happy and refreshing experience. Congregants of different faiths have various motives for their beliefs and why they attend services, but most rarely consider that their or their family’s safety may be at risk. When danger is considered, it is often with images of tragediesContinue reading “Psychology, Faith & Child Predators”